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  • Florida Stand Your Ground Allows Another Murder to Go Unprosecuted

    Of course, one way to make sure someone goes unconvicted is to simply never charge them in the first place. thanks Florida State Attorney!


    Once again, the dead person is demonized (even though earlier reports had the victim as universally well-liked), but even if he was the bad guy the State Attorney wants us to now believe he was... he was shot TEN TiMES IN THE BACK while he was walking away.

    Unlike most other SYG case (Zimmerman, Dunn, Waner in Detroit), it is clear that TJ Brown did in fact start an actual violent confrontation. But this case even better highlights what is fucked up about this SYG law - it is basically legalizing vigilante acts. Colt Thiemer had ever opportunity to retreat, every opportunity to avoid killing another human being. TJ Brown was WALKING AWAY. Instead of retreating, calling police, etc, Colt Thiemer decided to kill the retreating man, flee the scene, then later claim "fear for his life"
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    1. none's Avatar
      none -
      crooked law protecting crooked people.
      amazing what the love of "my gun" leads people to do.
    1. J842P's Avatar
      J842P -
      You could always encourage her to apply to NYU and become a "sugar baby."


      If it wasn't obvious... I'm joking.
    1. Tom in Napa's Avatar
      Tom in Napa -
      I lived in Florida for 18 years and joked about the Yankees who, while visiting, endangered me by obeying the traffic laws.
      I left in 1966 and since the SYG laws passed have told people that Florida is trying to deal with an overpopulation problem, which they really do have.