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Thread: General photography question for those who wear corrective lenses

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    General photography question for those who wear corrective lenses

    General question: If you wear corrective lenses in general, does it affect how you do your photography?

    I've noticed some changes the last couple of times I've been out. Please keep in mind: I have zero pretensions of being anything other than a pretty rank amateur but I like the hobby and want to spend more time with it. After all, I need something to do if I ever get to retire.

    My favorite camera is a Nikon D5000, but in the last year or two, I've also started to use a Canon Powershot. Most of my time is spent on programmed settings but I also go manual from time to time. The last session or two, I've noticed the bulk of my images are blurry when put up on my computer monitor. The only thing I can think of is that my eyes are doing me in. Same issues (general fuzziness on many images) with both cameras. Most of my shooting is landscapes.

    I wear progressive bifocal lenses, correcting mostly for near vision (I have always been farsighted) and also to correct some astigmatism which has gotten worse as I've gotten older. Is it my eyeglasses that are doing me in? Am I looking through the wrong part of my lenses? Any suggestions would be most helpful. I really don't want to be relegated to a point and shoot.

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    Are you focusing manually? Do you get the same result from different lenses? Is the diopter on the viewfinder adjusted properly (if there is one)? What shutter speed are you shooting at?

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    You're seeing why I always rely on autofocus. The computer can do a far better job than I can, at least with a bit of human assistance (if the autofocus or autoexposure isn't going to work I compose the shot against a like target that will work, push the trigger halfway and then aim the camera correctly---the focus and exposure settings remain as they were so long as you hold the trigger. I would assume your D5000 has this feature but the Powershot most likely doesn't.

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