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Thread: Which movie did you watch today and how would you rate it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ford View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bilby View Post

    I had no idea any of Cixin Liu's work had been made into movies, or that these were available in the west. Is it in English, or dubbed, or subtitled?

    I was vaguely aware that there are plans for a Three Body movie. Wandering Earth is an interesting story, and while epicin scale, the actual science is pretty sound, at least in the book - perhaps the most unrealistic thing is that almost the entire human race gets behind the effort (though this is clearly a nod to the national effort by the USA to put a man on the moon).
    I was unaware of his work. It is in Mandarin with subtitles, but there is an overdubbed version. I started with that, but it was pretty bad, so I switched to the subtitles. It's very much a "world unifies to save humanity" film as opposed to the typical "here comes America to save the day" outing.
    Liu is an excellent writer; If you like 'golden age' sci fi (Clarke, Asimov, et al), then I strongly recommend his books. The English translations are excellent (many are translated by the author's brother).

    The 'Three Body' trilogy, (aka 'Remembrance of Earth's Past', and comprising 'Three Body Problem'; 'The Dark Forest'; and 'Death's End'), is terrific - and the first novel not only has some of the best sci-fi I have read in a while, but also explores the Mao era and the madness of the Cultural Revolution, a part of history that I knew only a little about, but which Liu brings to life to great effect.

    All of his work is very much China centred, while far from being supportive of Chinese Communism - that he has been allowed to publish his work in both China and internationally is a sign that the Bejing government is either more relaxed about criticism, or at least is prepared to accept criticism that is safely directed at past and/or future governments, while glossing over any problems with the current regime. Or maybe the kind of person who becomes a Chinese government apparatchik doesn't care for (or about) sci fi.

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    Black Panther - Not to be mistaken for the comedy comp starring Peter Sellers involving the theft of a famous diamond, The Black Panther is a comic book movie that came out without much fanfare not too long before Avengers Infinity War came out, which is likely why there was such little exposure for the debut of the film.

    This is actually my second full time viewing of the movie, and I enjoyed it a bit more than the first time. A few things clicked a little better the second time around. A really well done film. 3.5 of 4

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    Watched a repeat of a repeat of a repeat of Alien. Even after watching it at least 3 times, I still enjoyed it. Sigourney Weaver hasn't aged all that well has she! But then neither have I.
    Highly rated SF thriller. 8/10

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    Easy Rider, 3/10; An American classic/iconic movie starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper with Jack Nicholson and surprisingly Toni Basil. It's a sort of road trip movie, Hopper and Fonda sell drugs and get a large amount of money and then head east on their motorcycles. The bikes are cool and there is a certain mood to the movie which captures a hip 60s vibe. But that doesn't cover for the poor quality cinematography and crap camera director (Hopper) which is a constant distraction. This was due to low budget I assume.

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