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Thread: Offensive fiber artworks

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmbteach View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
    Make people a unicorn butt, and a lot of people will remember you when they want a unicorn butt again.
    Floof crocheted me some cat butt coasters, and I paid her for some for my brother as a wedding/housewarming gift.

    So yes, if I wanted some, I do know who to ask and I would also know how much to offer as payment for them.
    Just a bit of a joke.

    A while back I said similar when Floofs Cat Butt Coasters were being requested by everyone. If she made the unicorn ones she'd start getting non-stop requests.

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    The Authoritarians

    GOP and Trump supporters will not be able to say they didn't know. Vote in numbers too big to manipulate.

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