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Thread: Has anyone lost the travel bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
    Here's a thought: where are the people who've travelled and experienced enough that they've lost interest in travel?

    I haven't travelled too extensively, mostly a bunch of Europe and North America, but oddly enough my interest in history along with the travelling that I have done has taken a lot of the appeal out of it for me.

    I can contrast my state of mind these days with that of when I was 16 and taking a high school trip to Italy. The trip was exciting at that time because Europe was a mystery to me, but these days I don't find many cultures or places particularly mysterious or interesting, at least so much so that spending huge sums of money, time, and energy to be there feels worthwhile.

    So now I have the money to travel almost anywhere I want to, and yet am content sitting in a coffee shop downtown and reading a book.
    I'm an Air Force brat. I spent most of my childhood on overseas military bases in Asia and Europe growing up. I have many fond childhood memories of visiting great museums in Holland and climbing mount Fuji and having long conversations with foreign people who had very different attitudes from Americans.

    But upon reaching adulthood, I haven't had much desire to travel to foreign countries to see the world because I feel that I've already done that.

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    As a kid I've been to Colorado a few times, all the old Confederate states except Florida, Washington D.C., Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, and Maryland.

    The last time I was out of Texas was twenty years ago when I went to Okalahoma. I do not care to travel too much anymore. The last few years I haven't traveled further than probably 50 miles from home.

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    Yeah, I have not traveled much even in India, I am 75, I have lost the travel bug. Otherwise, I was a solo trekker in Himalayas in my middle age. Now Google Earth helps me to travel. Though we might go to Egypt this summer. I have been there, but if I do not go then my wife also will not go. I do not want that to happen.

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    I'm almost 50 years old. I love seeing new places, visiting different people and cultures. I hate actual commercial air travel, but it's the least bad way to get most places. I rather enjoyed rail travel when I lived in Europe, and if I had the time, I'd take a cruise ship to cross the oceans instead of flying.

    I love the actual act of flying, though. Someday I will get my pilot's license, but private planes are really not practical for anything other than short range travel or just for fun (by the time you get to the performance where a private aircraft is practical, you could fly first class every time you fly and not spend as much money as you would on a personal aircraft).

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    Quote Originally Posted by aupmanyav View Post
    ... but if I do not go then my wife also will not go. I do not want that to happen.
    That's sweet, going for the wife. You're a good man, Aup.

    Good marriages do involve a certain amount of give & take. (Now that I've mastered the art of stating the obvious.... )

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    Whatever touch of the wanderlust I had- never much- I lost in my late forties or early fifties. I live less than ten miles from the town where I was born.

    I still had more of it than my father, though; after he got back from his stint in the US marines during the Korean War, he never traveled if he could avoid it.

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