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Thread: GOP congressman asks if rocks are causing sea levels to rise

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    Mar a Lago has a manatee encounter every time Trump shows up.

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    It's whales.

    Obvious really, since large-scale whaling was banned the number of whales in the oceans has increased thereby displacing more water and causing sea levels to rise.

    We need an immediate end to the ban and to return to using whale oil for most of our lubrication needs.

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    No, no, no, my, no. Donald only weighs 236 avoirdupois. That's stripped, ladies. Saw it on the nooz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by braces_for_impact View Post
    It's really just more of the same "science" they use for their creationism research isn't it?
    Isn't it amazing the conclusions you can arrive at once you decide that you're a greater expert in science than the scientists?

    Democracy won't survive this. If we can't agree on basic facts, I don't see how democracy is possible.

    We have nimrods who are changing the nation's schoolbooks to tell schoolchildren about the magic sky fairy who poofed the universe and humans into existence using magic.

    We have another group of idiots who have decided they know more about climate science than over 97% of scientists from the relevant field as well as over 90% of all scientists making policy decisions that will affect the climate for centuries if not longer.

    Preventable diseases are harming children again because millions of parents have decided they know more about science than the scientists. Did I mention that some of these same parents are giving bleach enemas to autistic children because they believe it will cure their vaccine-caused autism?

    Millions more want to put warning labels on GMO produce because they read somewhere that Big Pharma has a secret cure for cancer, but they won't release it because profit.

    Somewhere around the time the tobacco industry tried to convince everyone that smoking doesn't cause cancer and the release of that stupid In Search Of… "documentary" series, America decided that the experts don't know what they're talking about and that everyone and anyone has opinions that are just as valid as the experts.

    Now we as a nation are collectively making decisions based on raw, unrefined bullshit.

    At least under feudalism, when a noble decided that he knew better than the experts, the other nobles could use that against him and wipe out his fiefdom or conquer him or whatever. What the fuck are we supposed to do in a democracy when more than half of the population has decided that they are more expert than the experts? Wait for a savvier nation to fuck us up and make us irrelevant?

    The only alternative is to get millions of anti-science nitwits to admit that they're wrong, and we all know that will never happen.

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