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Thread: Foodie Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potoooooooo View Post
    I got a small amount of black truffle as a gift. What is the best way to enjoy it?
    I always enjoy some with my Iranian beluga caviar, but where can you find that these days?

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    At 53 I think I have finally mastered the perfect roast chook.

    The stuffing consists of breadcrumbs, dried herbs, some olive oil, salt pepper, a grated Granny Smith apple and some melted butter - enough oil and butter to give it a crumbly texture. Spoon into cavity.

    For the skin all I did was put some softened butter under the skin of the breasts then used more softened butter to massage onto the whole chicken!

    Cooked at 200C for 25mins, then on 160C for 20mins per 1/2kg and a bit more for good luck. I don’t touch the chicken while it’s cooking.

    It came out with perfectly crispy golden skin and succulent meat inside. Stuffing was not solid, and still a bit crumbly but delicious.


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