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Thread: Baphomet statue appears at Arkansas state capitol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learner View Post
    It must be a different Satan, I thought it was the one in the bible.
    You do realize that The Satanic Temple's followers neither believe in nor follow any teachings that could possibly be attributed to Satan, right?

    They use "Satan" as a prop to juxtapose against open veneration of Christ. In reality TST is an organization which believes that the universe speaks for itself, and that we must all strive to understand what it means to be good through a direct observation of what works for people followed with an application of logic and understanding to figure out the principles that drive WHY those things work for people, and then to apply those codified principles.

    In this way, assuming the contentious point that the universe was created by some God as their direct word, TST is actually more about reading and following the word of God than any Abrahamic faith.

    Oh, the irony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atheos View Post
    That was kind of my point. What makes you think the bible paints an accurate picture of who Satan is? If the people who wrote the bible think of him as a bad guy why on earth would you expect them to be impartial in their descriptions of him? Maybe he's actually the good guy in all of this and the tyrannical, bloodthirsty Yahweh, who demands absolute obedience or requires human blood sacrifice is the bad guy.

    Like his followers in The Satanic Temple, he had the guts to stand up to power and say, "This is wrong. I / we will resist." He might be doomed to failure but at least he tried to do do what was right.
    Even just look at the Bible. How many did God kill? How many did Satan kill?

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