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Thread: For Christians:If god exists why must you prove it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry Floof View Post
    a social dominance ideological identity that seeks to judge and control everyone but themselves.
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheerful Charlie View Post
    There is no original sin in Genesis.
    Quote Originally Posted by Learner View Post
    God sorts it out in the END.
    I agree with all here. And I plan to convert once I get into Paradise. Right now I'm just having a good time being too busy with being alive.

    As my old granny used to quip, l'église est un grand bâtiment qui nourrit un tas de faignant.

    Little wisdom left nowadays.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheerful Charlie View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Rhea View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cheerful Charlie View Post
    God allowing original sin to exist and cause people to do evil
    To be accurate, the story doesn't say God allowed evil. It says he CREATED it.
    Not in Genesis. There is no original sin in Genesis. And thus no way for man to eliminate original sin. Not for another 4,000 years.
    God is a procrastinator and a lazy slob.
    I meant the story says he created EVERYTHING. That there was nothing but a void before he started working and everything EVERY. THING. was created by the god. Sin, the rules, evil, everything.

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    I remember as a Christian when I took the "let go and let God" concept to heart, to trust that all is ok or will be ok in the end because that's what God intended no matter how confusing or awful things got meanwhile.

    It really did have a positive psychological effect on me. It was very liberating. It is truly a useful and healing cognitive process to let go of things you can't control, whether you're letting them go and giving them to a god figure or simply accepting what you can't control and acknowledging that you are no one's moral authority but your own without regard to any religious dogma. The process is the same if you take it to heart and mean it whatever the context.

    But that's not what Christianity means in the world today. The few people who grok the concept and truly lose the irrational and, quite frankly, exhausting urge to force things to be the way they want them or to make others behave as they want them to, those people are irrelevant to the bigger picture of what Christianity actually does to the world.

    As I said, if only, IF ONLY, Christianity had that effect on humanity.
    The Authoritarians

    GOP and Trump supporters will not be able to say they didn't know. Vote in numbers too big to manipulate.

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    Let go and let society. Don't credit God for what humans do, even the AIs that various advanced members of our species set up to distribute various goods and services.

    That is, unless you believe the AI is what the original creation of all became. Then it is God, and it does work, if it feels. I'm usually of the opinion that the orchestration of my life is done in a DAL (pronounced doll, Data Abstraction Layer), a layer of reality in which calculations are done using natural properties of matter that allow things to be done with matter that matter (if it is sentient) is not aware of.

    A computer would contain a DAL- it's just matter reacting to matter, but it forms meaningful patterns for us, even though it's just electrons reacting to one another, and semiconductors.


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