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Thread: The Testimony of Nathan Son of Isaac Concerning Jesus of Nazareth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Sawyer View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Politesse View Post
    Ah, the trials of the modern internet atheist apologist; accept it as genuine, because it contradicts Christianity, or reject it, because it would provide additional proof of Jesus' existence? Sore decisions...
    Well, it doesn't need to be a decision. We can take whichever position is more useful in any given discussion. The end goal of luring the faithful away from salvation and have them join us in being tortured for eternity in the pits of Hell is worth any means we employ to reach it.

    That's our secret motivation which we hide behind the lies of "searching for the truth" or "honest questioning" or whatever bullshit we come up with that day, so don't tell anyone that we've admitted to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oecolampadius View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by steve_bank View Post
    The Testimony Of Tidus Bogus son of Ignoramicus
    as diligently transcribed by his faithful amanuensis Bigus Dickus . . .
    And Bigus's wife, Incontinentia Buttocks...
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