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Like many Gen X idiots, I collected comic books rabidly in the 80s and 90s because I stupidly believed that I was making an investment. I saw all the news reports about this or that old comic book selling for millions of dollars, and simply didn't understand that the new comic books would never sell for so much money because people were actually keeping old issues instead of throwing them away like those old Golden Age comic books were.
Ironically, in another hundred years or so, enough of these treasured collections that turned out to be valueless will have been destroyed because they are valueless that the few surviving examples will be worth a fortune.

Your investment was sound - you just MASSIVELY underestimated the time that would be needed for it to show a solid return.
I have to agree here. My original collection was almost totally wiped out when my basement flooded 15 years ago. There were a lot of books in there that might be very valuable now, but were likely already too beat up to be worth a whole lot. One stand out for me was Uncanny X-Men #2, a book that is currently worth over $40,000 gem mint (grade 10) graded. Of course my copy was not graded, and it would probably be optimistic to say it was grade 5. I read the shit out of that book when I was kid. Still, a grade 5 book would be worth about $500 these days. Not bad for a 12 cent comic purchased by one of my cousins in 1963. My oldest comic book is now Avengers #42, which is graded Very Fine (grade 8). That book is, interestingly enough, worth $42 today, and was also originally purchased for 12 cents, but in 1967. That is not my most valuable comic, though. I have a copy of Alpha Flight #17 that would be worth about $2,800 gem mint, even though it was published in 1998. I have it out for grading now, but it is at least near mint (9.4), and hopefully a couple grades higher, so it is probably worth a few hundred bucks. Pretty good for a comic I picked up for $1 in a bargain bin. The reason it is valued so highly now is because it features the first appearance of Big Hero 6, and I snatched it out of the bargain bin a couple years before the movie came out. You never know which book will become valuable, or when it will become that valuable. I have a couple of books that are worth a bit more than normal because they are first editions with misprints that were corrected later. I also have a lot of comics that are worth 20 times the cover price or more. But when the cover price was a dollar or less, it doesn't seem all that impressive. Taken together though, it makes my collection a decent investment. I doubt I will ever cash in on it, but my kids or grandkids might.

There is always the one caveat with collecting comics, that everyone who has been collecting for a while will tell a novice, or anyone who asks what a collection they have inherited is worth. A comic is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. That Alpha Flight comic I have might be worth $2800 in theory, but it is really only worth what I can get for it at the time I decide to sell it. In general, the more quickly you want to offload a book or collection, the less you are likely to get for it. On the other hand, I have seen some questionably valued books go for more than I would have expected on Ebay.

Though I am technically a comic collector, I don't view myself as such. I have a large collection because I like to read comics, and I can afford to read as many comics as I can keep up with right now. I have no plans to sell any of them, and my greatest hope for them is that my grandkids will get a lot of enjoyment out of reading them as they get older. My oldest grandchild (4yo) is just now becoming interested in them, and will climb up in my lap to read along with me if she sees me reading Wonder Woman or any book that has catchy cover art. It is my comics fan dream come true.