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give me something else because I didn't want people shooting at me.
I wouldn't worry about being shot, but i would worry about self-fulfilling superstitions.

Guy at the tire place drops a wrench, they say 'be careful.' Life goes on.
Same guy drops the same wrench when Satan's SUV is on the lift, people get anxious about how the car 'tried to kill me!' And start paying too much attention to the threat, not enough to what they're actually doing, and someone gets hurt because stupid.

Which is NOT, i should point out, an exercise in an atheist imagining silly inferior Christains being sillies. I have seen it several times on ship. Sailors can be quite superstitious...and stupid.

Someone gets a toy submarine in their gift box. Drops it. The TOY hull cracks, and suddenly we're all inches from death. It wasn't even the right class of sub...
Just out of sheer curiosity, did you ever see an albatross in your travels? And did anyone get nervous about it?

It's always a good time for Python.