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Thread: Democrats 2020

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    Most politicians of both parties are atheists I think.

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    barbos you should stop into a reality station to check your think. I don't care whether they believe or not. I do care that they call out His name in vain every time they open their mouths on anything to which they are opposed. Appearances count for a lot among the great unwashed. IOW it doesn't matter that they are actually pragmatists. They appear to be sanctimonious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Bosch View Post
    As an aside, it's surprising how many similarities there are between AOC and Trump. Another one: AOC also shows no ability to recognize, understand or show support to the middle. I really wish we could find a politician on the left who was charismatic and who didn't just play to a small base.
    How is AOC not supporting "the middle"? What AOC-Trump similarities do you find?

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    Black or female candidates, it will be less important than being xtian! No way is America ready to embrace an atheist candidate, not for a decade or two at least anyway.
    Pretty sure Trump is an atheist.
    I'm pretty sure he's an apatheist. He doesn't have the ability or interest to think hard enough to consider whether or not gods exist. All of the atheists I've ever known, regardless of their faults, were pretty thoughtful. Trump doesn't think about anyone but himself. He probably thinks that he's some sort of god.
    I wouldn't be surprised. He considers himself a stable genius and the best in what he does.

    Quote Originally Posted by barbos View Post
    Most politicians of both parties are atheists I think.
    That's an overstatement, I think. But I wouldn't be surprised if many politicians are apatheists or nominal believers who don't place a high priority on religion.

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