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Thread: Video: inside a flat Earth conference

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    I'm still not convinced that conspiracy/religious nuts are 100% serious. I really think that it's just a game to many (not all) of them. It's more interesting to them to skew reality a bit, throw a wrench into things to mix up the hum-drum. It's all harmless in their opinion. Maybe they feel they will seem more interesting to others too.

    I am learning about internet troll culture and that seems to have similarities, but it's in reverse. The trolls say they are doing it just for laughs but they believe in their own made up nonsense.

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    A workmate is headed to Kentucky this spring. One of his destinations is the Ark Encounter. He was describing it to me like I'd never heard of it before, really gushing on about how it's an exact replica of Noah's boat that saved the planet, the animals, yadda yadda, yadda.

    Because he is a good friend and a bit too religious I did not have the heart to get into a discussion about the anti-science that is the Ark Encounter. I live, after all, in Pennsyltucky and most folks around here are anti-science unless it concerns their health. Medical science seems to be the one exception to their scientific illiteracy, not that they understand biology, rather that it makes them well when they or their parents or their kids have an issue.

    My point is that people really believe this stupidity. They really don't know the science and nor are they interested in learning the science.

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    You can easily believe the Earth is a flat pizza as long as your life doesn't depend on you believing something else.

    But if you're putting a satellite into orbit thinking the Earth is a flat pizza will get you in trouble.

    This is cult like behavior. You don't believe this stuff very much unless you have other believers around to reinforce it.

    It comes from a desire to possess special knowledge in one step. Just believe.

    The lazy man's way to acquire amazing knowledge that other's don't have.

    This is what all religious behavior is too.

    All religions should be classified as cults.

    Being an appealing cult to many doesn't make you less a cult.

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