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Oh good. Agreed. Phew.

For a minute there I thought you were saying "He could have had no idea" how God breathes scripture into existence.

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The question is whether the whole crowd of people who have appointed themselves his scribes and viceroys also do.
Yes, now THAT is an important question. And one that applies as much to Moses as it does to John or Luke or Paul.

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Jesus seems to have been literate, yet he never wrote a word of "new testimony". Why do you suppose that is?
Too busy? Didn't have a typewriter handy? Better things to do with His time? Trusted His disciples to do what He knew they were inevitably going to do?

I guess I never really thought about why Jesus didn't pick up a pen and write...
"Hi, I'm Jesus I was born a long time ago in Bethlehem and Here is my version of The New Testament"
If you like the man and respect his opinions, then I do not see why this is a laughable idea. None of your explanations make sense. There were plenty of scribes handy. There is no indication that he generally trusted his disciples to exercise wisdom and discretion. And though we have a record of his final marching orders to the apostles, not a one of those orders is to write anything down, nor to worship the resulting book in his stead. Indeed, his attitude toward scribes and religious scholars in general is less than positive, in the gospel accounts we have. Nor with anyone who honors the letter of the Scriptures but ignores their intent. In his self-eulogy, he advises his followers to trust in the Spirit of God. Not the awesome power of ink and parchment to house the incarnate Logos.