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Thread: Ethnic grocery stores

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loren Pechtel View Post
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    I shop at a kind of catch-all Asian grocery store, I believe with Chinese owners. It has a number of aisles dedicated to different ethnic products sorted by Nationality, but what I really go there for is their produce section, which is massive, of decent quality, and well-priced.

    When I shop there it also has a bit of a quaint feel where I feel like I'm shopping at a traditional food market, rather than some capitalistic grocery store with bells, whistles, fireworks, and misleading signs everywhere.
    That's one thing I like about ethnic groceries in general (including Italian, Mexican, etc.).

    It seems that every culture other than Americans place greater emphasis on quality produce.
    That's not what we see here.

    While we get most of our produce from a Mexican market. They aren't nearly as careful about removing inferior produce so it takes more selecting to get good stuff, but it's often a half or a third of what the American places charge.

    The various Oriental places here are no better than the American places and usually a bit more expensive except when it comes to things which are primarily Oriental. (Example: Ginger is generally around $1/lb, but can easily be $4/lb in the American stores. On the other hand the Mexican places often have it as low as $.50/lb.)

    Like I said, I can always count on fresh produce at the nearby Mexican markets (which have heavy competition: there's a big Latino population there and a large number of Mexican markets in a small area).

    By contrast, the overpriced yuppie supermarket near me has mostly decent produce but for some reason their enoki mushrooms are always sealed in plastic bags because they're brown and mostly turned to liquid.

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    We don't have any ethnic grocery stores, except for maybe one small Mexican one if it's still in business, in my small city, but we do have excellent produce in most of our grocery stores, with quite a surprising variety. I think it's because we are near Atlanta, and everything comes through Atlanta, since it's the largest hub in the southeast.

    There's a fantastic store in the Atlanta area that sells all kinds of produce and all types of ethnic foods, but we haven't been there in a long time. It's an awful drive and the crowds are almost unbearable. When we were younger, we visited about every other week, but those days are over.

    But one very cool thing about that store is that they only hire immigrants, probably because you have to speak at least two languages to work there. The workers wear name tags with all the languages they speak under their names. It's an amazing store and the produce is extremely inexpensive. They also sell meat, fresh fish, baked goods of all varieties etc. but the produce is the best thing they offer imo. It's conveniently located next to Clarkston, a small town that claims to have a higher percentage of immigrants than any other place in the US. I miss visiting the store, but I don't miss the traffic or crowds. But, if you ever visit the ATL area, be sure to look up the Dekalb Farmer's Market. It's an amazing place.

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    I live near Russian, Armenian and Middle Eastern groceries and enjoy going to them. Opening soon is a British Grocery with English, Scottish and Welsh items.

    Eldarion Lathria

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