UK scientists are ‘significantly less religious’ than Brits in general | Barry Duke
Are the late Stephen Hawking’s religious beliefs typical of U.K. scientists?
The Religiosity of Academic Scientists in the United Kingdom: Assessing the Role of Discipline and Department Status - Ecklund - 2018 - Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion - Wiley Online Library

From the second link,
In a new study, researchers from Rice University, Baruch College and West Virginia University find that U.K. scientists are indeed significantly less religious than the U.K. general population.

In addition, U.K. scientists at elite universities are more likely to never attend religious services than those at less prestigious schools. The study also indicates biologists are more likely to never attend religious services than physicists.

The researchers found that while only 18 percent of people in the U.K. said they do not believe in God, 45 percent of U.K. scientists responded the same way. In addition, the researchers discovered that scientists in elite departments (a categorization based on the number of publications per department, published department rankings and insider knowledge) are about twice as likely to never attend religious services than scientists in nonelite departments.
The authors of that study speculated that this could be in part from social reasons, like pressure to satisfy some social norm. But why some social norm and not another?

I suspect intellectual reasons, because biologists get closer to the nature of humanity than physicists. This may explain other trends in religiosity among scientists.