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Thread: Why does IQ cluster around 100 points?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trausti View Post
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    Education has little effect on IQ.

    Education and when you are ready for it has everything to do with IQ.

    IQ tests are just a measurement of short term memory capacity when education is equal.

    But education begins in the womb, not in first grade.
    Oh ye of blank slate creationism.
    You don't need different genes to get different results.

    Just a different environment in the womb and different experiences out of it.

    This alone will create variation.

    Genes create capacities. Experiences create an intelligence.

    The genes that create a high IQ score allow the person to acquire knowledge early. They develop cognitive capacities early. Not necessarily but many times also early communicative abilities. So genes that control the timing of expression.

    And also genes that create a superior memory capacity. Out on the tail of the bell curve.

    You also need exposure to information beginning at an early age.

    So genes that control the timing of the expression of cognitive capacities and memory capacity and experience.

    That is all that is involved in creating a person with a high IQ score.

    It might as well be called a memory test because we all develop the same cognitive capacities, only some get them early and some get them later, so by the time we are taking IQ tests some people are very good at them and some people are average.

    There is no other magic involved.

    No magic "intelligence" genes.

    There is human intelligence and a memory capacity.

    Some develop the intelligence early and some later. Some have better memories than others.

    If there is a genetic component to high IQ scores this is all it is.
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