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I'd agree that music awards are meaningless and of no relation to quality. At most they reflect popularity, which is a product of mindless conformity, and with usually a negative correlation to artistic merit.

However, I think that film awards generally have more relation to artistic merit. It's not about who wins among the nominees, rather more that the nominees overall tend to be of higher quality and worth a look moreso than the average film or performance. IOW, the "hit rate" among Oscar nominees is generally much higher than if you just randomly picked 5 movies released that year. I rarely watch, unless I like the host, and even then I record it and fast forward through all the acceptance speeches. But I do look up the nominees each year and make an effort to watch them. Sometimes there are duds, and certainly there are great films and performances that don't get nominated. But getting nominated seems a better predictor for films I find worthy of watching than Rotten tomatoes, IMBD ratings, or box office.

A caveat to that is "comedy". The nominated comedies are usually still good films, but not really comedies, more like dramas with light hearted comedic moments, such as Oscar winners like The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, or The Artist. If a movie can be described as "poignant", it probably has few major laughs. And great side splitting funny movies get completely ignored b/c they are too "low brow". Anchorman, Dodgeball, SuperTroopers, and 40 year Old Virgin come to mind.
I don't think there's any difference between the major awards for music and film. It's all about popularity. Zero about artistic merit. They might as well be giving awards for the size of the marketing budget. Or amounts of violines used in the score. For the smaller festivals it's all about how progressive and leftist they are. It's not interesting.