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People constantly and consistently underestimate and disregard the immense influence of the endocrine system on everything they think, believe, and do.

If 'finding God' is anything like falling in love, then reason, rationality, and the brain have very little to do with any of it. Any attempt to reproduce the behaviour in others (ie to convert an atheist), or to reverse the process (ie to get a theist to renounce his faith and become an atheist), by means of reason, logic, or thought, is doomed.

And of course, we observe that this is the case - very few people are ever persuaded by reasoned argument to change their position.

Yet we persist in the irrational belief that rationality is somehow a driver of belief.

I suspect that it's all part of the conceit that humans are somehow different from 'the animals'. But we are not different. We are animals. And our endocrine systems don't care if the brain wants to pretend to be in charge.
The more I think about it, god is the most popular urban legend ever invented.