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Thread: Fake identity in Tinder, should it be a crime

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSwizzle View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Koyaanisqatsi View Post
    How about this for a consequence: the woman who was lied to tells this douchebag's wife what he did?
    Ms Rowe feel that there should be legal consequences.
    There would be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TSwizzle View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by J842P View Post

    Yes, she should get over it, and be more careful next time. This is not sexual assault by any means.
    How about douche bags face consequences for their frauds ? Her point of view is that she did not consent to having sex with a married man, she did not get the choice. Fair point I say. You may disagree, fair enough.
    She gave consent to have sex with that person. get over it. This is very similar to a "bad date" being confused for sexual assault.
    Sex is not a contract for which basis and consideration must exist.

    Look, I didn't give consent to read someone's opinion that seems poorly thought out to me... but I'm not claiming you assaulted me with your post either.

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