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Thread: Irrational fear of authority

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    Quote Originally Posted by no-one-particular View Post
    Autistic people lack both curiosity and anti-curiosity.
    Autistic + black and white thinking = hyper-empiricism
    No idea where you got your little chart or who thought it was definitive.
    Autism is a SPECTRUM, I thought everyone knew that.
    I was raised by an autist, I have taught autists, I have sat through autism testing - and you are absolutely wrong about about them in your claims.

    Not sure whether you care that your chart and your claims are completely wrong about actual live people with autism. But you are wrong - wrong like defining a pie by one mm2 of crust wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no-one-particular View Post
    Laws exist to increase your freedom.
    Not decrease it.
    Should people be free to enslave other people? Of course not!
    Having a law against slavery increases peoples freedom.
    Want to be free of murderers, thieves, and rapists? Then you need laws.

    Yet many people have an irrational fear of authority
    The bolded sentences are valid, the others are not. Yes, laws that limit actions which infringe on other's freedom, are laws that enhance freedom. This is an important point, and one ignored by anti government pseudo-libertarians who ignore that fellow citizens are often the greatest threat to liberty and government regulations are how those threats to liberty are eliminated.

    However, contrary to the implicit assumption of your first sentence, that is not true of all laws. In general, laws constrain actions, which can be done to protect freedoms from actions seeking to infringe upon them, but can be used to directly infringe upon freedoms.
    This is why is it is essential that the people who freedoms are to be protected has control over the laws, so that they can help ensure that laws are used to optimize freedoms. This is what makes the last sentence above invalid. Laws are not the same as "authority". Laws are what the authority enforce, but who has the authority determines what laws they enforce, and the more centralized and unchangeable that authority, the more likely the laws are to attack rather than protect freedoms.

    And this is why the most centralized unchangeable authority imaginable, the concept of God, is the greatest enemy to freedom that exists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrZoidberg View Post
    I'm lost.
    The OP began in lost territory and has only managed to become more lost since then.

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    Authority in and of itself is nothing to fear. When authority becomes absolute and oppressive, maybe.

    The irrational worship of authority is much more dangerous and scary, and is actually what gives rise to oppressive authorities.
    The Authoritarians

    GOP and Trump supporters will not be able to say they didn't know. Vote in numbers too big to manipulate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith&Co. View Post
    Why is this in religion?
    All religions start this way. Flat Earth - the latest new religion.

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