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Thread: Israeli Moon Mission

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarpedon View Post
    Here is a follow up article:

    Apparently, the lander had a small capsule containing tardigrades (so called "water bears") the remarkably resilient tiny animal. The goal was to send them up and see if they could be revived by future astronauts years, or even decades in the future. The big question is whether the capsule survived the crash, and whether the tardigrades have been set loose on the lunar surface. Of course, there's little chance of the critters being revived and living their lives on the moon, but it does raise questions about biological contamination of other planetary bodies. I thought that NASA took precautions to prevent this, it is frankly a little disturbing that other countries seem to have a more gung-ho attitude towards it.
    If they can't be revived, that makes them the late water bears, and if they are late, they risk being given a tardy grade.

    Does anyone know the wat to the 'Only reply when you're drunk' thread?

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    Follow Bibi?

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    Ah, but they COULD be revived, potentially, even if their capsule was ruptured. In that case the problem is finding them, not reviving them.

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    Centuries from now there will be ecologically minded Earthlings cleaning up space junk on Mars and the Moon.

    Success is largely a matter of testing. There us a trade off between level teasing and degrading post launch reliability.

    NASA and the JPL has gone through a long learning curve in space design and test. The problem is the probes are all one off. There is no prototype and production run.

    Look at Space X and their failures. It is leading to prosecution line manufacturing of new designs albeit small numbers.

    Israel and others who go it alone will have a hard time developing a knowledge and experience base.

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