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Thread: How to reduce / defeat racism?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrZoidberg View Post
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    When I think of racist problems, I think of things like "hate crimes", like going up to a black person, screaming "nigger" in their face and then punching them in the mouth for no reason other than they are black or making your black neighbor's life a misery because you just don't like black folks or other irrational stuff. I don't get too worked up about the navel gazing subconscious prejudice/bias background noise. But this appears to be what most people want to discuss. Making the whole thing a minefield and people afraid of being called a racist.
    What do you think hurts a black person more, being called "nigger" or not getting hired for a job because they're black.
    I don't know. It would depend on the person, on their gender identity preference, where they are on the socio-economic scale, etc. Maybe you could find a study on it.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrZoidberg View Post
    This stuff is measurable. We can measure the effects of the subconscious on populations. So it's not woo
    I think most of it will be navel gazing codswallop.

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    I grew up in th 50s 60s. There was racism in my family. An Italiann was dating an aunt. Some of her brothers took him out and told there was no way a stniking Italian was going to marry their sister, He did and thay had a great family. Rook years for her brothers to accept him.

    On the other hand Italians then were notoriously parochial. You don't marry outside the group.

    Rwo things happened for me. My father was not recist, his view anyone who went out and worked was ok. Along with that I lived for abot 7 years in integrated public housing. We had black neighbors. My sister babysat for black neighbor.

    When I got out in the world I had positive images of blacks as neighbors.

    I go to a nearby park. Kids of all backgrounds playing together.

    If you want to inoculate your kids have them socialize regularly with different people.

    Each generation does it a little better. I am 67. hard core racists and blacks who endured abuse are still alive today and bith carry the scars. It could take centuries to get past it

    A woman I know who came from Peru had a daughter who married a black guy. His family objected and his family shunned the wife's side.

    I knew a Jewish woman in the 70s who got engaged to a divorced Catholic. Her parents were ok with it, some in her famiy treated her as a non person, shunned.

    It is everywhere. As long as ethnicity and race are elevated above identifying with the larger group it will persist.That is why progressive ethnic diversity over a common melting pot is adding fuel to the fire. Commercials for genetic testing. A black woman generically traces to the region of Nigeria. She starts earing a Nigerian hat proclaiming it is part of her culture. A white guy traces to Scotland and starts wearing kilts. It is all rubbish.

    Your racial history does not define your culture. The idea that it does fuels divides. Here and elsewhere.

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