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Thread: Fine-Tuning Argument vs Argument From Miracles

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumpenproletariat
    If you're not prejudiced against everyone in the past

    and are willing to grant that some of them were not inferior imbeciles who knew nothing at all
    What has "knowledge" to do with any of this? Does having a master's degree somehow mean Bigfoot is real? Or that me claiming I saw a house turn into a lion's head mean the house actually turned into a lion's head?

    And exactly how many people back then knew something relevant to whether or not a forty year old claim of a man/god resurrecting was true?

    then you have to allow that sometimes they were right, even if other times they were mistaken
    So, your response--after all this time--is to argue averages somehow make a claim true?

    How many leprechauns are dancing around you right now? Married to a mermaid are you? Can you see the keyboard through the billions of tons of ghost ectoplasm that necessarily must be covering everything on this planet since time immemorial?

    YOU KNOW THIS IS BULLSHIT. Yet you keep regurgitating it. You would NEVER apply such ridiculous standards to anything else in your life, which should be all you need to know about yourself and your beliefs. And yet, you cling to the merry-go-round.
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