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Thread: Fine-Tuning Argument vs Argument From Miracles

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    Quote Originally Posted by lumpy
    How are these written accounts not evidence for the events

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    Quote Originally Posted by Learner View Post
    If you read it, he is responding with "clear" explanations "directly" related to these particular posts ... individually.
    You are absolutely correct; Although I rather suspect that you are labouring under the delusion that "inverted commas" imply emphasis. In fact they imply eye-rolling disbelief.

    As in: Donald Trump is "stable", and a "genius".

    In traditional English, a word to be emphasised should be underlined, though in the Internet era it has become more common to use bold for emphasis, to avoid confusion with hyperlinks, which are also denoted by being underlined. Italics can also be used for emphasis, or to indicate various other things, such as the title of a work, the name of a person being quoted, or in some cases, parenthetical remarks but without the use of parentheses (also called 'brackets').

    Bold, italic and underline ADD emphasis (as do CAPITAL LETTERS, but those are used today to imply shouting). "Inverted commas" TAKE AWAY emphasis, by either indicating that they are somebody else's exact words (ie hearsay), or by implying that this is the sort of thing other people would say, but which you do not personally agree with.

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