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Most of us just aren't built to acknowledge other living beings in any type of true, spiritual way, unless they're family.
I think we have room in our heads for about 100 people. Those are 'real.' The rest, we can interact with, but they're just placeholders. Not someone that elicits the real response that the Real People do.

Probably evolved as our clan being real, those fuckers that make up the rest of the tribe aren't AS real, and those guys across the valley are just about the level of cattle. Maybe a little more obnoxious than OUR cattle...

Sadly, I filled up a lot of my slots with Kirk, Spock, Obi-Wan, Spider-Man...
It took me a long time to understand that people work this way. For a good long while I couldn't understand why friends who were no longer a part of my daily life didn't want to stay in touch any longer. To a large extent it makes sense, but I was always a person with an innate curiosity about other people, and that curiosity had no limits. If I had the opportunity to continue a relationship with someone I would take it, no questions asked. I didn't understand that other people weren't like that.

It's a funny way to be because it's so fucking easy to become friends with someone by showing literally any concern at all for their well being. Hell, just ask a stranger how their day is going, or if their business is busy today and you'll have made a friend.

But I think there is an innate logic in most humans that makes a mental calculation about how valuable any given person is to them, and the relationship with the person ends up being derived by that value, rather than by the fact that they're a feeling/sentient being.

In sum ~ most human beings are not consciously aware of why they do the things they do, but their instincts keep them alive by showering attention on those who contribute to their material well-being, and shunning those who don't. In a mathematical universe this makes a lot of sense, and I think you could define 'enlightenment' as having the ability to act contrary to this reality.