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Thread: Adolf Hitler the Great Betrayer

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    If anybody is interested In started with this book. It is week by week. After that I read books on specific events. Midway, Battle Of Britain, Stalingrad and a lessor know Pegasus Bridge. WWII is a study of politics, creativity, and other things.

    All sides made great blinders. The side that was best able to learn and adapt won. There was plenty of stupidity and incompetence on the side of the Allies. After the loss of the Philippines MacArthur should have been sacked, in the interest of public relations and public morale they gave him a medal and made him a hero.

    The Second World War: A Complete History by Martin Gilbert

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    If you read the Goebbels diaries, you'll see how, in the highest echelons of Naziism, despite all the hype about the Aryan super race, there was genuine contempt and cynicism about how easy it was to dupe the man on the street and get the people inflamed with The Message. A lot of Mein Kampf is Hitler's musings on the mechanics of being a successful propagandist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bilby View Post
    He got to power on his popular appeal amongst the volk, and they believed him when he said that they would rule the world for a thousand years. Then he led them into a situation that ended with them being raped, robbed and shot on the streets of Berlin by Russian soldiers, just a dozen years later.
    One of the victorious allied forces had a sign erected in Cologne in 1945 that contained a quote from from one of Hitler's speeches in the thirties: "Just give me ten years and you will not recognize Germany".

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