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Thread: Philosopy And Science

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronburgundy View Post
    You don’t have to explicitly engage in philosophy to be making philosophical assumptions. Every scientists makes philosophical assumptions which justify every methodological practice they engage in from methods of sampling and random assignment to statistical analyses and theoretical interpretation.

    Scientific debates rarely explicate the philosophical assumptions because they shared among the debating parties , and the debate is about how those assumptions are properly applied in a given context and what their application implies. Philosophy explicitly enters into the debate when one or more of the parties is violating the philosophical assumptions of science and evidence-based reasoning.

    Granted, that “philosophy” is largely the acceptance of logic and principles of inductive reasoning and probability. But those are still philosophical assumptions.

    Without philosophy, science would be little more than “I don’t know why, but I did X, and I don’t know what it means, but I observed Y.”
    Thinking is philosophizing? It does not require and specific philosophy. Everybody may 'wax philosophical'.. You are conflating reasoning with an amorphous term philosophy.

    Science is objective modeling that can be tested. Meaning is philosophy and religion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_bank View Post
    Scientists are pure of heart, beyond anger and dispute. Enlightened beings far above us regular people....
    OMG. Let us all pray to our scientists. Ugh.

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