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Then you aren't reading my posts with comprehension, either.

I'm not the one in favor of putting Jews in danger by placing them in tiny settlements surrounded by hungry lions and people who want all Jews everywhere to die. I'm not the one proposing to incinerate people in their homes because of a political dispute, or because of their race, religion, or ethnicity. I'm not the one pushing for more war, more suffering, more oppression, and more mayhem.

I'm the one saying the Two State solution is dead, the One State solution is underway, and all that remains to be seen is how long before Palestinians living under Israeli rule get equal rights. Netanyahu and his allies will put up a fight, but I think future generations will look at them the way Americans these days look at the racist bigots who ruled the Confederacy.
Most Israeli Arabs have far more freedom and a standard of living no other Arab enjoys anywhere else in the whole Arab world. Why, there's even Arab members of the Knesset for gawds sake! It's up to the Palestinian Arabs to stop their hatred of the Jews and embrace them instead. But that's not possible in Islam as the Arabs are taught/brainwashed from a very young age to hate all all non muslims and especially Jews.
Three days ago you were saying "Nothing short of a complete genocide of every single Jew in Palestine would placate the Arabs." Now you're saying Arabs and Jews live together harmoniously in Israel. So which is it? Can Arabs and Jews live together in peace, or are Arabs all bloodthirsty Jew-haters who would murder any Jew in their communities?
There are two very different populations here:

The Arabs in Palestine have spent a lifetime being brainwashed into mindless hatred of Israel. The Arabs in Israel have not. Is it any wonder that the latter coexist far better than the former?

If the answer is "Arabs will murder all Jews but not before Jews kill 90% of them" , then wtf is your problem separating them with a giant wall built on the clearly defensible 1967 borders (Israel won the 1973 war, you know), or the even more clearly defensible 1948 borders (Israel has won every war since its victory in its War of Independence). Why aren't you denouncing the practice of moving Jewish families into West Bank settlements where innocent Jewish children live in what you describe as unconscionable danger?
Winning the 1973 war is utterly irrelevant to to the 1967 borders!

Besides, the only way Israel could have won the 1973 war was by going nuclear. (The actual victory was due to American resupply, not due to defensible borders.)

Besides, these days what Israel is more concerned about with defensibility is protection against terrorist rockets, not against armies. The Palestinian human shield tactics mean that counterbatterying enemy artillery is no longer acceptable.