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Thread: The Nazis tried to kidnap the pope?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrZoidberg View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly_Penguin View Post
    Is this for real? is this accurate? Is it based on anything that is accurate? Have any of you heard of this before?
    It's accurate that SS General Karl Wolff said at the Nürenberg trials that he was told to, but refused. He said this in the hope that he would get a more lenient ruling. He was also one of the early Nazi turn coats who collaborated with the allies when it was obvious Germany was doomed. The guy was clearly an opportunist willing to say anything to save his skin.

    But the last period of the Nazi Reich was quite messy. Who the fuck knows? And does it really matter?

    BTW, "kidnap"? Wouldn't the correct term be... "arrest".
    Also, at the end of the war, Hitler was batshit insane even for Hitler. It's not only possible, but quite likely, that he made any number of Trumpian rants about what he wanted his underlings to do which they all agreed to get right on and then completely ignored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skepticalbip View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Sawyer View Post
    It would have been cool if the Nazis had kidnapped the Pope and then the Allies responded by installing their own Pope and then both sides got them to fight each other to see who got to be the real Pope.
    Stay tuned. Buddhism may see this happen over which Panchen Lama is the 'real' Panchen Lama when the current Dalai Lama dies. China kidnapped the Panchen Lama (a little kid at the time) so they could raise him - The Dalai Lama named a new one. The 'real' Panchen Lama is needed to recognize a new Dalai Lama.

    I think the dispute should be settled by the two Lamas in a cage match.
    The Chinese government seems to think its authority goes beyond the Earth. There has been conflict with the Pope over who can make a priest into a bishop, with the Vatican excommunicating any priest ordained by a bishop appointed by the Chinese government instead of the Catholic Church.

    The Chinese government also decreed that it will be the arbiter of who is the next Dali Lama, which goes in hand with the kidnapping of the Panchen Lama. The only problem is that the current Dali Lama has declared that he will not reincarnate until the Chinese government releases its claim.

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    No, it would be 'kidnap' because the Vatican was an independent, neutral country at the time. Mussolini created it in exchange for support for his regime.

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    There is no consensus on whether Hitler wanted to have the Pope kidnapped or killed. See Alleged_plot_to_kidnap_Pope_Pius_XII

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