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    Quote Originally Posted by Politesse View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DBT View Post

    Didn't the first generation of Christians take it literally, a literal objective return of Jesus come to usher in the Kingdom of God on Earth?
    Of course. Presuming our portrait of the lot is accurate in any way. But they didn't keep written records at all as near as anyone can tell. This all began as oral tradition. Not unusual for a Roman mystery cult.

    By the early 3nd century, there were a lot of books going around, many "holy forgeries", no direct witnesses to anything, and no modern standards of documentary evidence. I doubt the inconsistency would have bothered anyone, if they thought about it at all.
    In that sense, it was indeed arguably not actually very odd, that it only seems so to us, in hindsight, and that it is readily explicable in terms of its ancient zeitgeist, which may have involved a comparative level of general ignorance (I use the word non-pejoratively) and superstition amongst other things.

    What might be arguably described as more odd is how more educated and knowledgable people today reconcile the issue of the failed prophecy for themselves, when they can look back and see that it was indeed there at the outset, but that it morphed into something else.
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