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I do not attempt to decide (though I often choose to think about the matters). I do think some people attempt to decide, and decide what to believe. It's epistemically irrational, though.
To be more precise, I do not think that in general, when people claim they have chosen to believe X, they have in fact chosen. At least in most cases I've been able to test (by asking them about the matter and/or reading what they say), they just found themselves believing X, and are mistaken in their belief that they have made a choice.

However, after considering the matter for a long time and looking at a lot of evidence, I think there probably are cases of people actually making a choice to believe (which is epistemically irrational) and succeeding, but it is far more common the case of people just accepting what they're told without choosing to think about the matter, and then failing to choose to reconsider their beliefs, or at least failing to make a sufficient effort to think about them with a cool head. That is, for example, how most children come to be Christians, Muslims, etc., and how most adults fail to reconsider those positions.