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Thread: NOVA Origins Of The Bible

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    I think it was the “Secrets of Noah’s Ark” which you caught. I watched it this morning.

    The program contains several different narratives. One is deciphering different versions of the flood myth going back four thousand years in the "fertile crescent," the area now associated with Iraq. A second narrative is the realization that in the earliest telling, the boat is described as a giant coracle, or round boat made with reeds. Gradually in many retellings it evolved into being an oblong shape of the kind of boat we’re more familiar with.

    A third narrative involves some individuals deciding to build a giant coracle, using ancient techniques (reeds and bitumen), and see if it could be made structurally sound and actually float.

    A fourth narrative involves the origins of the flood. Ancient cities in the region relied on bi-annual flooding of rivers to retain fertility and prosperity, but the occasional flood could be damaging, and a 100 year flood could be catastrophic. Archeological evidence from ancient cities such as Ur and others show evidence of catastrophic floods at different times.

    A fifth narrative involves establishing that the Genesis story of Noah is indeed copied from these Sumerian/Babylonian stories, and answering the question of how did the Jews get ahold of it. The answer to this last question involves the “Babylonian captivity” that the Jews underwent.

    This last narrative concludes that the Jews wrote the Torah after the return from Babylon and used various myths they had learned in Babylon as the basis for some of their own creation myths, such as the story of the flood but also the story of baby Moses, etc. In the process, they turned their Flood story into a moral narrative involving punishment and forgiveness.

    After the return from Babylon and the creation of the Torah the “people living in what is now Israel” became the Jewish people as we know them from history.

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    I think most of us nonnbeliers intuitively understood it. Recent shows have but it on at least a partial evidence basis.

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