Here's my latest pet peeve. It's not with flat earthers. They're predictably dumb. My problem is with otherwise intelligent and thoughtful skeptics having a problem with flat eathers and talking about it.

Upset skeptic "I don't understand how anybody can believe in flat earth"

Sensible person "These people are boring as fuck, and stupid, and just desperately want to be interesting."

That should be the end of it. Why are skeptics giving these people any attention? Why are we watching documentaries about them? Why are we still discussing it, years later? Why are we still sharing posts about them on Facebook? Why are these so interesting that they warrant any discussion?

Loads of people are dumb as bricks. We don't give the rest of them any attention other than the passing chuckle. What makes these people so damn special that we can't stop talking about them? They're no more dumb than UFO'logists or crystal healers, and we don't endlessly go on about them.