According to Christain News: the Discovery Institute has managed to get over 1K scientists to sign their “Dissent From Darwinism” statement.

In almost 20 years...

They're disappointed that some of them only quibble about evolutionary theory, rather than coming all the way over to admitting to creationist views. But they're really, really proud of the 1000.

Project Steve, of course, took about six years to reach 1000.

But anyway, 1000 is about 0.0125% of the scientists of the world deciding to reject the teachings of Darwin.

I calculate that's about equal to one knuckle of my little finger deciding that it's no longer going to be Keith. Keith Apostate. Rejecting Keith. I'm remarkably unaffected by this, should it happen. My life will go on.

"Okay, whatever you say, that hand is still wiping Keith's ass, with or without you."