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Thread: Hard Boiled Eggs

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    I first get eggs from the fridge. I boil the eggs in water 10ish minutes. Then I rinse them a bit to cool them off enough to peel without burning my hands. It works most of the time (the peeling part). I don't do any of it to make them peel easier, it is just how I do it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronburgundy View Post
    Cook's Illustrated Test Kitchen did some research on this, and their method has worked gloriously for me every time.

    Older eggs do work best, but this method works quite well with fresher eggs too.

    First, steam the eggs instead of boiling. This has multiple benefits. The temp won't drop as much when you put the eggs in, the eggs won't knock around in the water and crack.
    Get the water boiling in a pot with a steamer basket of some sort, then add the eggs and cover. Cook for 10 -12 minutes depending on how hard you want the yolks. I like 10 min for a fully cooked but still slightly soft gooey yolk.

    Immediately transfer the eggs to an ice water bath and let them soak for 5-10 min.

    You can pick your cracking peeling method, but one trick is to use a plastic tupperware with lid for the ice bath, then empty all but a 1/2 inch of the water, put the lid on, and shake up and down vigorously about 10 times. The eggs will flop around and crack all over and the shells should slide off easy.
    Used this method yesterday with 10 eggs. Had all 10 cracked and peeled with no losses in less than 2 mins. Caveat: Past trials have shown me that if any of the eggs split during steaming (which can happen if the shell already has weak spots), then crack and peel those individually or they will fall apart during the shake in tuperware method.

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    That's similar to this garlic peel method.

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    The garlic peel trick works because the garlic cloves have a substance in them that causes the skin to release. So, crushing the garlic and then peeling it works because you are releasing those substances. Not the same with eggs.

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    I know this struggle so I bought the egg-matic off Amazon. It actually steam cooks the egg perfect everytime. And many different ways to prepare it!
    BUT FIRST.... coffee

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