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Thread: Is Human Nature Determined by Our Material Conditions?

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    Really? Maybe this will help. Back in a 1977 dissertation at FSU a student found movement of sound was examined using pink noise from a single source in an anechoic chamber in a study where device movement was masked. It was found that observers used two cues to determine whether sound, Traveling under 8 degrees per second, was moving in a forced choice discrimination experiment. Those cues were pinna effects for vertical movement and frequency differences for lateral movement. Both cues were the result of detecting relative change in apparent frequency IAC time-distance (doppler effect).

    In the other study conducted by the same student as a postdoc while at CalTech in 1980 recorded single and multiple cell response in rats to sound, visual, and somatosensory stimuli at various levels of hindbrain, midbrain, and forebrain along appropriate sensory and motor tracts. Expectation was that at some point in these processing channels a new signal would be detected that predicted altered behavior as the rat performed in a multiple choice lever pressing experiment.

    Instead experimenters found electrical activity for ascending and descending was changing with repetitions at every level in every tract IAC information gains related to number of trials. IOW instead of a place for learning the neural substrate was generating differential activity IAC with practice up and down the sensory motor tracts. This fits with other studies which show similar neural practice and repetition effects for a variety of activities.

    Really just firmer confirmations of the universality of neural optimistic evolution. Using existing substrates within and across modalities to achieve similar neural solutions appropriate to physical dimensions and the existence of neural plasticity underlying behavior.

    Also, if you don't think successful researchers are survivors you are naive.

    If I were an actual BSer I would have claimed to be the scientist that destroyed multidimensional pilot workload estimating as appropriate for most theoretical models of workload published in Edwards AF publication in 1982, a primary designer of primary flight displays for MD-11 in 1989, proved the value of embedding measurements into images and video in support of distance R&M in 1997, Developed on the fly machine vision validation for C-17 in fuselage assembly in 1999, and retired here to happy rainforest in 2002.

    I actually did all those things but wasn't really given much credit for them except by my bride for finding our rainforest on the lake with an ocean view.
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