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Thread: On Becoming a Software Developer

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    How to stay motivated when learning to code (10 actionable tips!)
    1. Have an end goal in mind.
    2. Be realistic about your goals.
    3. Choose consistency over speed.
    4. Build up your willpower muscle.
    5. Avoid burnout and get rest.
    6. Don’t let impostor syndrome get you down.
    7. Find a community of peers.
    8. Get involved with local meetups.
    9. Don’t compare yourself to others.
    10. Stay curious and keep it fun!
    In effect, don't push too hard.

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    Back in the 80s I watched an interview with an old violin master. He said to be good at something it must fill a need for you.

    One thing I never did was compare myself to others. Most of the time peer feedback lets you know were you are at. I stood on my accomplishments. You know you are doing good when others seek you out.

    For me it was a lot like the old martial arts paradigm, the only real enemy is yourself.

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