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My "right handed" advice for the left is on the level. Just look at my post history... hell its one of the main reasons I joined up here. I sort of want to help you guys.... just a little... insofar as I rather have a fair fight that results in something that actually represents the majority of the nation... not just the team that knows how to play politics far better than than the other side... my political advice to the left is to a) stop trying to out-woke everyone with moral superiority being the end all to everything and b) start trying to actually play the game to win.
Yeah, that's great - to the extent that it's not totally disingenuous, and "play to win" means "cheat like they do".
Maybe even that would be preferable to laying down in the progressive pity pot. But the ideal outcome IMHO would be to get one honest win over the cheaters, then take strong measures to outlaw the kind of shit that the 'pugs have been up to in recent years, before the Dems themselves become what they despise (if it's not already too late).
Is it "cheating" to tone down the moral superiority tact that the far left is flinging? Is it cheating to simply choose to not call another Dem a fascist because they want one kind of healthcare system over another? Is it cheating to remind people of things said and action taken in the past by others?
Playing to win is not the same as playing against the rules.
Here's one easy trick to not give away the election... limit the candidates to some number less than the billion and a half that are running that serve only to confuse people and dilute your base. What happens when their favorite isn't the runner? Do they do like the Reps and join in with their team for the generally representative candidate? No.. they go sulk and make a point by staying at home.
I'm not saying to cheat to win.. I'm saying that you might just want to at least show up to the game and participate.

Why do you call what I said disingenuous? Like, i'm lying? I thought you were getting to know me.... disappointed.
Read for comprehension GN. "TO THE EXTENT" implies uncertainty about whether and how much it is disingenuous. Your past posts have criticized Dems for failing to adopt 'Pugs' dishonest tactics, so...
BTW, there does exist a series of mechanisms for winnowing the field. In fact I'll bet that by the time the Dem National Convention is over, there will be only one.