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Thread: Thinking of a Narrated Bible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Higgins View Post
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    One thing I've noticed? Audiobooks of the Bible overwhelmingly choose male narrators. There are exceptions, but they aren't the norm, and they are commented on even in the title ("a women's companion to the Scriptures", etc) as though a man could not possibly bear to listen to a woman reading the holy book. Rather insulting to all concerned, and ironic considering that the Bible itself usually describes Logos/Sophia as female. I'm glad I had a female pastor growing up, sexism in the Church bugs the hell out of me.
    Perfect, Fran Drescher.
    Yeah, that kind of bullshit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy Higgins View Post
    Hmm... a New Yorker's accented narrated bible.
    That would be The Vernacular Bible.

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