Both Barack Obama and Kamala Harris are clearly mixed-race, but they identify as black.

Barack Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr., is from Kenya, while his mother Ann Dunham has mostly British ancestry. He has joked about his mixed parentage. A Mutt Like Me | HuffPost Life quoting Barack Obama as stating that "But obviously, a lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me." He has also jokingly called himself "O'Bama", suggesting Irish ancestry.

Kamala Harris's father Donald Harris is from Jamaica, and he is likely mixed-race. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, is from Tamil Nadu, India. KAMALA HARRIS’ JAMAICAN HERITAGE - UPDATED - 14.01.2019 - Jamaica Global Online and also this fun bit: DONALD HARRIS SLAMS HIS DAUGHTER SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS FOR FRAUDULENTLY STEREOTYPING JAMAICANS AND ACCUSES HER OF PLAYING IDENTITY POLITICS - Jamaica Global Online When someone asked her if she smoked marijuana, she responded “Half my family’s from Jamaica. Are you kidding me?” Her father was not very pleased.

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Tiger Woods describes himself as 'Cablinasian' - "a blend of Caucasian, black, Indian and Asian".

Race in a Genetic World | Harvard Magazine
“I am an African American,” says Duana Fullwiley, “but in parts of Africa, I am white.” To do fieldwork as a medical anthropologist in Senegal, she says, “I take a plane to France, a seven- to eight-hour ride. My race changes as I cross the Atlantic. There, I say, ‘Je suis noire,’ and they say, ‘Oh, okay—métisse—you are mixed.’ Then I fly another six to seven hours to Senegal, and I am white. In the space of a day, I can change from African American, to métisse, to tubaab [Wolof for “white/European”]. This is not a joke, or something to laugh at, or to take lightly. It is the kind of social recognition that even two-year-olds who can barely speak understand. ‘Tubaab,’ they say when they greet me.”
So she goes from black to mixed-race to white.