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Thread: The Sub-literates. Are You Driven to pick up their Litter?

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    When we built our current house, it was literally in the wilderness. Now, subdivision encroaches on two sides of our property, and one of those sides is the upwind side in prevailing winds.
    I am sick to death of cleaning up WalMart bags, styrofoam insulation and other lightweight debris from both construction companies and residents. It is very tempting to collect it all and dump it on the developer's office doorstep, but I need to maintain relationships because at some point we will need to negotiate with them if we want to get full value out of our 700+ feet of river frontage... meanwhile, it is infuriating beyond description, but we will keep cleaning up after the inconsiderate bastards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steve_bank View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by T.G.G. Moogly View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by steve_bank View Post
    \Then there are those who rant about the environment and at the same time engage in mass consumerism generating throw away junk by the ton. All those electronics gadgets take electricity which demand's more power generation.

    And there are those who flush the toilet and put out the garbage can oblivious to where it all goes.

    As the Pogo cartoon of a trash filled forest said, we have met the enemy and he is us. It is really all of us in the bigger picture. The economy is based on mass throw away consumerism.
    What is your point? You seem to be saying that unless something is done perfectly it is not worth doing.
    It is what I said. Griping about trash on road while filling your garbage can with disposable stuff or getting a new wireless device for the fun of it is a bit of a cognitive disconnect.

    The Pogo cartoon says it all.
    If everyone lived like me we would have 1/100th the pollution and trash we have today.

    Are you a cave man wearing animal skins? I'm guessing you do not shower and wash clothes because the dirt and the smell will come back anyway.


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