The Anita Sarkeesian story - Polygon - "We look back at 10 years of Feminist Frequency"
  1. Her first bomb threat
  2. Moving an industry
  3. The message is the medium
  4. Childhood and teenage rebellion
  5. Political awakening
  6. The early videos
  7. The Kickstarter
  8. Hell
  9. Creation and destruction
  10. The future

It starts off with how one of her harassers gave her a bomb threat. Then,
Her series of YouTube shows changed all that, by framing how the problem is systemic. Many of her millions of viewers were game designers who, having watched the shows, recognized something within themselves that needed to be changed. The shifting nature of gaming’s output is ample evidence of her impact.
"“If I had done a PhD about women in games, nobody would have read it.”"

No one is arguing that sexism in gaming is no longer a problem, least of all Sarkeesian. But it’s a different kind of problem than it once was. In the wake of Tropes, we’ve seen a host of big budget games with great women characters including The Last of Us, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Dragon Age: Inquisition,The Walking Dead, Battlefield 5, Dishonored 2, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Overwatch (as well as some missteps).
She made her criticisms more accessible.

Then her scaling back of Feminist Frequency this year. She stopped taking a salary and she laid off her employees. But they continue making podcasts of them discussing various issues. AS doesn't want to do fundraising, and a lot of her funding sources dried up as she finished her video series. Then something about what social media has become, something not very hospitable.