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Honestly, I don't think the Kavanaugh situation is parallel here as the right-wing didn't particularly attack the accuser. The Republicans were very careful to make certain that they attacked the Democrats (see Lindsey Graham's reprehensible bloviation), in what was a master showing of propaganda. Discredit the accuser without ever actually saying it by attacked the Democrats.
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Because being kicked in the balls is almost never a consensual activity.
Neither is getting raped. That is the point. Some men (#notallmen) have this propensity for thinking that maybe there was a miscommunication when it comes to sexual assault. Moxon compares it with popped in the pouch, in order to parallel what clearly wouldn't be considered consent.

If a guy tells another guy, some person popped them in the pouch, the listener isn't going to ask, "What were you wearing?" or "I'm uncertain this happened. Guys have lied about getting punched in the pouch."
When I was a kid, and this happened, one question that was asked during adult authority figure's investigation, was "What were you doing that made him so mad?'