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Thread: Maybe it would be good for science to make up new words to describe laws, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Half-Life View Post
    Just like transgender! The birth certificate will say male or female! It doesn't matter what gender they say they are!

    Do you understand now? Please tell me you do!

    There's this intersection on my way to work. I make a right turn there. There's a stoplight.
    But they build very close to the curb around here for some reason. I cannot see traffic to my left until it's almost in the intersection. Not unless I pull forward enough to see, and then I'm sitting in the crosswalk.

    So I wait for a green light. People behind me regularly honk their horns to try to drive me to make a right turn on red when I don't feel safe to do so. But it's my car, so my judgment.
    I probably need to get a bumper sticker that says, "You being in a hurry is not a reason for me to drive as badly as you do."

    It strikes me that this is probably a good approach here. If the presence of a dick in my trousers isn't enough to make me feel like I'm a man, YOUR feelings about my dick, or my DNA, or my birth certificate, isn't a terribly compelling opinion.

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    Let me know when you have those bumper stickers printed.

    And an old man who's in very good shape is still an old man, and has experienced those years. If we actually had a person who was frozen for 20 years, I'd be happy to allow himself to define himself as 20 years younger. Plus, being an 80 year old in as good a shape as a 60 year old does not necessarily mean that the two have as much life left. Plenty of relatively healthy old people die anyway.

    I am content to dismiss age identity nonsense as being nothing more than the common condition of failing to cope with mortality, same as religion. A novel outgrowth of a common affliction does not bring with it special privileges. It seems that whenever an oppressed group gets people to acknowledge and try to help them with their problem, there's some schmuck who looks at that and gets jealous. Why is there no straight pride parade? Why do we have 'black history month' but no 'white history month?' Why don't people treat me like I'm special for my different 'identity' that I just made up?

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