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Thread: Canada's new Air Passenger Protection Rules

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    Quote Originally Posted by RVonse View Post
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    Yes, and as a frequent consumer of flights, I am more concerned about the costs overall increasing on me than my luggage being lost or my flight being bumped.
    Yeah, but as a frequent flyer, you will never be the one who gets bumped and has your vacation ruined, costing you potentially thousands.

    Also, it won't actually mean that the airlines don't oversell tickets, thus won't increase the average ticket price by more than a couple bucks. They can and will still offer people $300 vouchers to "volunteer" their seat and most times that will work. The only time they will need to pay the $2400 is when the amount of delay till the next flight is so extreme and thus no one on the plane wants to take the voucher. And that is just the situation where the person who is unwillingly bumped deserves that level of compensation. And no, people won't "hold out" for the $2400 b/c they are not likely to be the person selected to get bumped, so refusing the voucher to get more $ won't work.

    And a lost piece of luggage on one's vacation is easily worth $2000 for the level of stress, hassle, $, and time it costs.
    These are inherent costs that the airlines should have always paid out and put into their costs of doing business. The fact that they have increased profits by unethically screwing people over and passed a small portion of their savings onto you, isn't a good argument for them to keep doing it. Want to lower flight costs without screwing other people over? Then support stronger regulations that prohibit the airline mergers that have caused skyrocketing prices and ever decreasing quality of service, comfort, etc..
    This is the key to it right here. In a better world (the old world when I was young), there would be competition and different airlines to choose from. Jolly could pick "Cheapo Jolly Airlines" for the best price. And I could choose "Safe and No Bullshit Airlines" for the not so great price....and we would both be happy with what we ended up with. And both the airlines would make money and stay in business too.
    Well, except for the "make money and stay in business" part. The US airline industry has been littered with bankruptcies over the years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly_Penguin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Loren Pechtel View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jolly_Penguin View Post
    How early/late do people typically cancel? People who simply don't show up for their flight will leave empty seats with no chance to fill them. Or will this mean flying standby will become more of a thing again?

    If I show up when I want to fly and just sit around day after day, will a seat now open up and be mine for cheap?
    With most tickets you get nothing if you cancel them so why cancel them? Sit on them and hope for a schedule change that you can use as a pretext to demand a refund.

    Besides, most of the issue is with business travelers who don't know in advance that they aren't going to fly, and with people who misconnected (who still have a valid ticket and need to be reaccomodated.)
    Sure but in the old days, and maybe now again, you could just stand by and wait to see if people don't show up, and then score the seats for cheap if they don't. That would be ideal on especially expensive and long trips (like Montreal to Tokyo)
    You were asking when people cancel--I was pointing out that most don't. I do agree standby is the right answer for the last couple of seats. I've done it London to LA long ago.

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