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That four is actually what it landed on doesn’t alter the possibility of what it could have landed on.
It was a possibility and it no longer is.

It is still true today that it was a possibility yesterday. The truth hasn't changed.

How are you going to prove there was really a possibility of landing a 6 yesterday when you know it was a 4 the die showed. It's done. Alea jacta est. You can consider current possibilities because you are ignorant of the future.

You may even talk of what happened in the past in terms of possibilities when you actually ignore what happened.

Thus, it's possible the murderer stalked its victim for weeks before committing the crime. It is still a possibility today that the murderer stalked its victim for weeks simply because you happen to still ignore today that it was not the case. Epistemological possibility. There's nothing else to it which is not metaphysical.

What is the use of a metaphysical possibility?
It could be used to say something like: "It's possible you could have made a different choice.", since the possibility still exists.