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Thread: For those watching in black and white...

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    An illusion is (As Tyson put it), a "brain failure". Seeing colors that have been placed there so close together as to not be capable of seeing the space in between them is not a brain failure.
    That basic, most common, optical illusion with two equal length parallel lines that look to be different lengths because of differnt arrowheads on them (forward facing and inverted.. inverted one looking smaller), is an optical illusion. Drawing those two lines one on top of each other and removing the arrow heads such that they are essentially one line, is not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Nut View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bilby View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Nut View Post

    well, if I "zoom in" to this post, all there is is a bunch of black and white dots... no actual words.
    All color is on a digital picture is a mixture of colored dots. If you draw colored dots (or connected colored dots as in a colored line) over a black and white picture, you get a colored picture. Take a crayon and do the same thing with any black and white picture. Your kids do it all the time with coloring books. That the space between dots has greyscale tones is irrelevant to the fact that someone applied color to it. This is as much an optical illusion as are these words on the page, made up of little black dots.
    You appear to think that you are arguing against the clear fact that these are optical illusions, by giving examples of how they are simply optical illusions.

    I don't find that argument at all compelling.
    It's not an "illusion" that we cannot see in the dark. It is not an "illusion" that we cannot identify the face of a person 2 miles away. It is not an "illusion" that 2 yellow dots mingled with 2 red dots resolves to the eye as a contiguous orange spot. That is how color is resolved by the eye.
    To say... "well, that's an illusion because there is no orange".. then I say there is no spoon... there is no "solid"; everything has massive amounts of space between its atoms. There is no color, just wavelengths of light... getting silly.
    Congratulations. You have correctly concluded that reality is silly.

    Now, if you can make that last, tiny, logical leap to the conclusion that humans almost invariably categorise things in a way that is arbitrary and owes nothing to reality, you will have learned two valuable lessons. If you can squash your ego to the extent of including yourself in that conclusion, maybe even three.

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