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    And now for something entirely, beauty, and interaction between art and obsever.

    What is beauty, why can a pieces of classical music make you weep?

    Why do you like one band and not another?

    Was Jason Pollack really an artist? He threw buckets of paint on a canvas?

    What constitutes art?

    Picasso's Bull Head made out of a bile seat and handlebar

    Is art solely in the eye of the beholder?

    Aesthetics, or esthetics (/ɛsˈθɛtɪks, iːs-, æs-/) is a branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of art, beauty and taste and with the creation or appreciation of beauty.[1]

    In its more technical epistemological perspective, it is defined as the study of subjective and sensori-emotional values, or sometimes called judgments of sentiment and taste.[2] Aesthetics studies how artists imagine, create and perform works of art; how people use, enjoy, and criticize art; and what happens in their minds when they look at paintings, listen to music, or read poetry, and understand what they see and hear. It also studies how they feel about art — why they like some works and not others, and how art can affect their moods, beliefs, and attitude toward life.[3] The phrase was coined in English in the 18th century.

    More broadly, scholars in the field define aesthetics as "critical reflection on art, culture and nature".[4][5] In modern English, the term aesthetic can also refer to a set of principles underlying the works of a particular art movement or theory: one speaks, for example, of the Cubist aesthetic.[

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    Will philosophy BS never cease. The next time the sight of an accelerating curve causes my heart to go pitty pat will be my first time.

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    Aesthetics is the study of the symbolic qualities preceived in something as it relates to the survival of our species. It might reflect the skill of the creator, or the ability to elicit empathy (a human trait), or some theme related to our quality of life. Also anything that portrays humankind's position in the grand scheme of things (i.e.; the complexity and inter-relatedness).

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